“这些数字很明显,”他说 丹尼尔。P. 迪克斯坦,医学博士,FAAP, chief of the Nancy and Richard Simches Division of 孩子 and 青少年 Psychiatry at McLean Hospital.

In 2021, 自杀是10-24岁年轻人的第二大死因, 迪克斯坦说, 引用了疾病控制和预防中心的数据. 十分之一的青少年曾试图自杀. 女孩的风险高于男孩,黑人青少年的风险高于白人青少年.

The numbers spike further when it comes to adolescents who are LGBTQ+ or non-gender conforming, with more than 50% of LGBTQ+ youth seriously considering suicide and more than 20% of LGBTQ+ teenagers making a suicide attempt.

在过去的16年里,十大靠谱网赌平台 3East住宅项目 帮助过我吗,200 adolescents—almost all of whom have attempted suicide—learn to cope with their own experiences, 情绪, 行为, 和世界在一起.

The programs use dialectical behavior therapy (印度生物技术部) and other therapies to support teens struggling with 虽然ts of suicide, 自残, 饮食失调, 关系问题, 创伤, 以及影响他们心理健康的生活经历和条件.


“我们大多数住院病人都曾试图自杀,很多人不止一次. 我们所有病人的共同点都是难以控制情绪, which leads them to engage in dangerous 行为 or otherwise profoundly affects their functioning,” 朱迪思·明茨博士3East住院项目临床服务主任.

“These are adolescents whose 情绪 and 行为 impact their ability to have normal relationships, 上学, 过健康的青少年生活.”

明茨在2007年项目启动后不久就开始了这个项目. 最初只招收女生的住宿项目后来发展成了其他项目, 包括一个男生住宿项目.

一些进入3East项目的青少年性别不一致或性别不稳定. McLean’s clinicians have always been comfortable working with adolescents and their families to find the best fit for any single person depending on their gender identity and specific needs.


有时,关于性别的情况是明确的. A child assigned at birth as a boy wanted the girls’ program, and the family wanted the same. 有时, 事情变得更复杂了, such as when the family of a boy assigned as female at birth wanted the girls’ program because they 虽然t their son was not yet comfortable with other boys.

随着时间的推移, more societal acceptance of transgender youth meant that more 病人 were coming into the program with gender awareness. 对一些人来说,这意味着认识到性别焦虑或其他性别问题. 对其他人来说,这意味着支持他们的同伴.

今年, 项目领导决定将女孩和男孩的住院治疗项目结合起来. Instead of being organized by gender, the program is now organized according to 印度生物技术部 training level.

“现在是进行这种改变的正确时机. Even 病人 who are completely comfortable with their gender identity sometimes want a nongendered program,明茨说, 讲述了一位居民的话:“我不想要一个二元性别的项目, 无论我如何认同.”


McLean’s 3East Residential Program is now organized by the two levels of the 印度生物技术部 curriculum and the acquisition of 印度生物技术部 skills: intensive and advanced. 在这两个部分,治疗是根据每个病人的具体需求量身定制的.

索菲娅L. 马里兰州Maurasse, 3East住院项目的医疗主任, highlighted the approach with these questions: “How do we create someplace for this person to learn this set of skills and put them back into the world in a way that makes sense for them, 让他们走上他们一直想走的路?”

3East吸引着充满活力、聪明、有趣、雄心勃勃和有才华的青少年. 他们也经常被诊断为边缘型人格障碍(BPD), 抑郁症, 焦虑, 创伤后应激障碍(创伤后应激障碍), 饮食失调, 和强迫症(OCD). The severity of their conditions means that the intensive part of the program includes a lot of monitoring and checking in.

在本课程中, 通常为期四周, 青少年才刚刚开始学习印度生物技术部技能, 无论是个人治疗还是团体治疗.

从强化课程到高级课程的转变是一个里程碑式的成就. 临床医生, 病人, 员工们会举行告别仪式,让人们分享回忆, and 病人 might highlight what they have learned about themselves or what skills they have found particularly helpful, 说 萨拉·兰博士他是3East住宅项目的项目主管.

“Moving from the intensive to the advanced curriculum reflects how much the patient has worked to acquire and apply new skills. 在程序的高级部分有更少的监控和更多的自由, 还有更高的期望,莫拉斯解释道.

在高级部分, 青少年开始运用他们在不同的环境中习得的行为行为技能, 有时触发, 环境.

One patient might need to sit with a tutor to experience exposure therapy to taking a math test. Another might work closely with a therapist to develop a plan for working or volunteering for the summer, 而另一些人可能会拿着通行证回家,在现实生活中测试他们的印度生物技术部技能.

“所有这些都是为了帮助学生为下一步做准备, 根据他们的个人需求,莫拉斯说.



Learn how the 3East continuum of care supports adolescents using cutting-edge therapies like dialectical behavior therapy (印度生物技术部).



The 3East continuum of care also includes a day program that was modeled after the original girls-only residential program. 这种级别的护理也被称为部分医院计划.

比如住宿项目的参与者, 部分住院患者具有典型的高风险冲动行为, 包括物质使用, 开得太快, 过度消费, 以不安全的方式上网, 极端的赌博, 或其他危险活动. 区别在于行为的严重程度. Teens in the day program do not need to be monitored as closely as those in the residential program.

佩吉·沃登博士, 也是3East部分医院项目的临床主任, has experience with the benefits of a nonbinary program because the day program has always been coed. 她说,这种结构也有好处.

“我们的很多工作都是小组完成的, and 病人 get the benefit of interacting and applying their 印度生物技术部 skills with other adolescents who might not be like them. A cisgender female might get input from a cisgender male or from a trans perspective,” Worden.

“这是治疗的一部分. 他们一起学习. 这些技能是在一个更典型的环境中自然发展起来的. 这更像是这些学生将回到的真实世界.”


Both the residential and non-residential programs draw adolescents from across the country and around the world.

例如, 一组学生可能包括来自马里兰州的学生, 亚利桑那州, 宾西法尼亚, 和科罗拉多, 以及马萨诸塞州的列克星敦和韦茅斯. 在国际上, 这些项目经常吸引远至波多黎各的青少年, 哥斯达黎加, 日本, 和印度.

Dickstein notes that there is some data showing that it is not gender identity that puts an adolescent at risk, 但是他们的环境.

如果他们的家人支持他们,他们没有在学校或其他地方受到欺负, 性别认同可能不是一个关键话题. 在其他情况下,性别问题是最重要的. 性别焦虑可能是自杀企图的潜在原因, 也可能是一个促成因素.

全面的, 虽然, “性别确认护理与降低自杀风险有关,迪克斯坦说.

“By evolving into a more gender-diverse program, we are meeting the needs of these young people. 这项计划的改变使我们能够帮助更多正在挣扎的家庭和人们.”

He credits the dedication of 3East’s clinicians and staff for driving the evolution and progress of the work, 包括转变为结构上的非二元性.

Maurasse从不同的角度回应了这一说法. 她在十大靠谱网赌平台开始实习,并一直待在那里, 她说, because of the commitment she sees every day with everyone who works with these adolescents.

最重要的是, 她说, “3East是一个仍然致力于解决非常棘手问题的地方, 非常困难的案例. My colleagues are people with deep clinical experience working in a challenging field but with a lot of compassion and a willingness to be flexible. 当我们接受病人时,他们就成为了我们的一部分.”

这种感觉似乎是相互的. 最近, one director got an email from a former patient about to go to college orientation who 说 that they wouldn’t be going to college if they hadn’t been treated at the McLean program.

Another former patient who has stayed in touch went on to get a PhD with a focus on suicidality.

另一位3East项目参与者仍在联系中, 她性别不一致,同时患有BPD和强迫症, 然后拿到了医学博士学位.

To talk to the 3East admission staff about intensive mental health treatment for a teen who is struggling, 今天打电话给我们: 877.626.8140.


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